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We've worked at some of the most respected agencies such as TBWA, Saatchi's and Lintas in both Sydney

and London. We're now based in the small, creative city of Norwich and continue to work with clients from

all over the UK and abroad.


We became good friends after meeting at an agency in Norwich and working well together as colleagues

for a couple of years. Despite supporting rival football teams, we bonded over our love for cycling and set

up Type & Numbers in 2010.

We work with some pretty talented people, whether it's brochures from our studio in Norwich,

or clinging to the side of a mountain in the Alps. Here are a few of the dedicated people that

we regularly collaborate with…

Ross Woodhall


Mike Harrington


Joe Harrington

Film Maker

We're lucky to count Mike as a friend as well as someone we regularly work with. His experience and insightful, creative 

input means that we're able to approach 

each photographic brief with absolute 

confidence. Mike is a regular contributor

to Getty Images and lectures at Norwich 

University of the Arts. His technical 

knowledge and adaptability, combined 

with his easy going nature make every 

shoot a pleasure. 



We can only describe Joe as a wise 

head on young shoulders. From initial brief to final edited footage, Joe nails 

it every time and is a pleasure to work 

with. What has surprised us the most 

is that Joe is only midway through his Film & Moving Image degree at Norwich University of the Arts, yet understands

what each job requires and integrates 

into the team with the experience and 

professionalism of someone beyond 

his years.

When it comes to action sports – and in

particular, ski/snowboard photography –

Ross is our man. We've worked together 

for over a decade, on two other winter

sport magazines and years before we

started Type & Numbers. A number of

factors come into play when trying to

get the right shots in the mountains, not

least the crew's safety. The environment

demands commitment and knowledge

that goes beyond the lens. Ross delivers

time and time again and his bar tales

are legendary! 



Corinna is the one that crosses the t's

and dots the i's. Or is it the other way

around? She's probably rolling her eyes

reading this right now. Formerly at

Harper Collins, Corinna has worked with

us for many years, taking the editorial 

lead on our beauty publications but also 

working across all of our titles to ensure 

that our grammatical and spelling errors

are kept to a minimum. 



Andrew Gowans

Film Maker

Corinna Harrod

Sub Editor

We first met Andrew 'Noddy' Gowans 

when he was upside down, 20ft in the 

air with a pair of skis strapped to his 

feet in Switzerland. At the grand old 

age of 27 he was the 'grandad' of the 

LINE freeski team. Since then, Noddy 

has taken his mountain skills behind 

the camera to capture stunning action 

sports focused footage. An innovative 

thinker, Noddy has also been involved

in the creation of instructional apps 

with his company, Elate Media. 



Liz Hollis


An award-winning journalist who has 

written for most of the leading national 

papers in the UK, Liz now mainly 

focuses on her own consultancy that 

specialises in PR, press release strategy 

and writing, commercial copywriting, 

digital content, corporate storytelling, social media content, blog strategy, 

content marketing and editing. Liz adds 

fancy words and a bit of polish to some 

of our corporate titles and brochures. 





After graduating from Norwich University of the Arts with

a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design (Illustration) Steve did what 

most hungry young creatives do and headed to the bright 

lights of London. Cutting his teeth as a freelancer at 

award-winning agencies and design companies, Steve built

wealth of knowledge from having worked in different

design disciplines. 


After a few years Steve returned to his roots in Norfolk 

where his calm and relaxed personality saw him employed 

as Studio Manager at a couple of marketing and design 

companies before co-founding Type & Numbers


Away from work, Steve regularly plays football and cycles. 





London born Daniel began his career on the coat tails of

advertising's 80s glory days as a design studio junior at

GGT under the creative stewardship of Dave Trott. Since

then, Daniel has worked full time and freelance at many

top agencies and his typographic work for Dispatches

whilst at Channel 4 was nominated for a design award


Daniel's passion for zines and magazines as a teenager 

never wained and he has published several titles in the

UK and also Australia during the years he lived there. 


Also a keen cyclist since the 80s, Daniel is the contact 

for London's Soho CC. 

All rights reserved. Copyright Type & Numbers Ltd 2016

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